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Refer to previous discussion by the Urantia Papers. This chart can be compared with the following table, borrowed from the web site of Francesco Raffael. U-503 and fragments from U-127) The archaeological evidence shows two different emerging cultures, one in the Delta, and one in upper Egypt, centered around the great bend in the Nile, the location of modern Qina, and overland routes from the Red Sea locations now known as Bur Safajah and Al Qusayr.One site in upper Egypt, out of reach of the wild river inundations, showed the gathering of large quantities of fish, and preservation through smoking. Wavy handled pottery (W-class) Brooklyn, Carnarvon knife handles (Naqada IIc-IIIa) (NOTE: Abu Zeidan t.32, which contained the Brooklyn knife-handle, dates early Naqada III) (Hierakonpolis tomb 100). These routes of travel between the Nile and the Red Sea have been known since ancient times.Although direct evidence for agriculture and animal herding has not yet been found for this early period controversy exists.Grinding stones, usually associated with grain production, and hence farming, were discovered.

Several of the basic food plants that were grown are native to the Near East.

The final desiccation of the Sahara was not complete until the end of the 3rd millennium BC.

Many archaeologists believe those people migrated south to sub-Saharan Africa, or to the Nile valley, the environment of which greatly improved as it dried out from the previous heavy flooding.

In the Fayyum the settlements were near the shore of Lake Qarun, where the settlers also engaged in fishing.

Marimda is a very large site that was occupied for many centuries.

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A hiatus in radiocarbon dates suggests the valley was barren of settlements during that period. Still others were Andite, coming from Mesopotamian regions and overland from the Red Sea. The Nile valley did not exist in grand isolation from the rest of the world, even though many Egyptologists are oriented to that frame of mind.

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